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In an email seen from LBTH regarding RSE in Tower Hamlets there seems to be a lot of misinformation being spread by the Local Authority.

The below email states the Mayor (who was elected by the people) takes no regard of the sentiment, values and beliefs of his borough and just adopts the position himself regarding the naming of the sexual body parts and teaching of LGBT to 4 year olds as “the right thing to do”.

Kate Smith from the Healthy Lives team is being commended for doing a remarkable job engaging the community. Then it is stated that “800 parents” attended the Maryam Centre meeting with Kate, when only 300 parents can fit into that hall, seems quiet misleading.

When a couple of parents thank Kate for coming to the Maryam Centre and consulting parents, it is taken as “many parents thanking Kate”, again building an image of acceptance by the community. Thereafter subsequent meetings have been cancelled by the community as they feel they are not being consulted, yet the email states “a number of subsequent sessions have been organised” insinuating public engagement and acceptance.  

The Local Authority is trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and paint a rosy picture, but things can’t be more further from the truth. Parents are not taking this laying down!

“Update from Divisional Director

Dear Colleagues,

This week in the Independent, HMCI Amanda Spielman criticised the Government over its inaction regarding protests against primary schools teaching LGBT + equality in lessons, and has warned that tensions remain “unresolved”. In Tower Hamlets we have been working closely with headteachers to agree a way forward prior to the implementation of new requirement later this year. 

The question of whether or not to include the naming of body parts and LGBT+ in the statutory element of the curriculum was discussed by the Mayor’s Advisory Board this week. The Mayor, John Biggs, and elected members were quite clear they support the inclusion of these matters in the statutory part of the curriculum as it’s ‘the right thing to do’. This is a significant step forward in establishing an agreed Tower Hamlets approach to RSE.

Kate Smith and the Healthy Lives Team are doing a remarkable job engaging with local communities to provide clear and accurate information about the content and approaches in RSE and what will change from September. Kate was invited to meet with a small group of parents at the East London Mosque recently and 800 parents attended. Inevitably not all parents were in agreement, but the meeting went very well with many parents thanking Kate for her session. A number of subsequent sessions have been organised. Kate is continuing to meet with local Imams and other community leaders through a variety of forums and is happy to work with you in your school. School organisational changes will be a key feature in next week’s Cabinet meeting, with three reports on the agenda relating to changes in schools.”

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The misconception lies with Kate Smith, Danny Hassel and John Biggs! These people are put in posts which are there because of our children, how have they managed to have so many in-competencies between them baffles me #ourchildren #ourrights #freedomofspeech

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