External organisation to be wary of

The type of organisation that advises a school will determine the types of materials a school uses. There are organisations with a track record of providing materials which parents have found to be inappropriate, subjecting children to, too much too soon.

Examples of organisations include those that are part of the Sex Education Forum including:

Brook, FPA, Bish Training, Apause, Big Talk Education, Bodysense, Cambridge PSHE Service, Changing Relations, Chella Quint, Coram Life Education, Christopher Winter Project, Do, Durex, Fruition, Girl Guiding UK, Going Off the Rails, Herts for Learning, Image in Action, It Happens, Jigsaw, Kip Education, Loudmouth, NCB, NHEG, Neil Davidson, NSCoPSE, NSPCC, One Plus One, Outspoken Sex Ed, Plan UK, PSHE Association, Rush Hilton, Sarah, SAYiT, Sex and History, Sexplain, SRE in London, Stonewall, Straight Talking, Talk the Talk Education CIC, Teach SRE, Teaching Life skills, Tender, Terence Higgins Trust, The Eddystone Trust, The National Secular Society, The Proud Trust, The RSE Service, The Training Effect, You Matter, YPEC.

This is not an exhaustive list, as this is a lucrative, burgeoning market we believe statutory Relationships and Sex Education will usher in a batch of organisations wishing to capitalise on this new opportunity.

If an organisation is a member of the Sex Education Forum (SEF), that is a red flag. SEF have been at the forefront of calling for statutory sex education for many years.

We would say as a safeguard, that it would be best if there were no external organisations involved in advising on resources or delivering the teaching.