Letter template

After reading the THPA Primary Policy Paper you are welcome to send a polite email with the policy paper attached to your child’s school and the Local Authority.

Below is a template that can be used for emailing Headteachers, Councillors, MPs and the Mayor with THPA’s Primary Policy Paper.

Dear [Insert recipient’s name]

We, the parents of children in —— school,  wanted to share a Primary School Policy Paper that has been published by the Tower Hamlets Parents Association (THPA) who share the same concerns and worries with regards to certain aspects of RE/RSE as us.

We would be extremely grateful if you could consider the points mentioned in the THPA Policy when devising the school’s Relationship and Health Education curriculum at our behest.

We would highly recommend you read it and in some ways empathise where our concerns lie. We would like to work in partnership with the school so that a suitable RE/RSE curriculam can be formed.

Policy Paper for Primary Schools:

We look forward to ​hearing from you soon, hopefully with some positive outcome.

Many Thanks

[Insert name of Mother & Father]