Parents Action Plan

1. Understand the changes and what the guidance sets out for schools to engage with parents, to involve parents in the planning and delivery, as well as to take into the account the age and religious background of pupils.

2. Find out how the school currently teaches Sex and Relationships Education, this will give you an understanding of current practice.

3. Plan your positive interaction with the head teacher. Offer your services to the head teacher. Remember to be polite, ask questions and be constructive and not critical or argumentative.

4. Ask questions about the planning for RE or RSE,

  • Which outside agencies are being used to advise the school,
  • Their timetable for planning for these new subjects,
  • How parents are going to be meaningfully consulted.

You could also address the letter to the governing board or write a separate letter to them.

The 2019 edition of the governance handbook sets out the requirement for governing boards to meaningfully engage parents.

Governing boards in local authority, maintained schools (not academies and free schools) also have a statutory duty to show how the views of parents have influenced their decision making.

5. Unite with other parents, so that the parental voice is heard by the school.

There are parental groups in each school in Tower Hamlets providing support to parents in following these interactions. We envisage that most schools will respond positively whilst a small minority may not respond positively.

If you require support in interacting with your school then please get in touch with THPA.