The naming of Sexual Body parts is not part of RSE or Science Curriculum

LBTH and Schools in Tower Hamlets are pushing for the teaching of the names of the sexual body parts (Penis, Vagina, Nipple, Breast, Anus, Vulva) from Year 1 (Age 5) under the guise of Safeguarding.
The teaching of these names is not a requirement in RSE and Schools are pushing for it to be included in the Statutory RSE lessons.

Knowing the names of the body parts does not protect children from abuse, rather the knowledge of appropriate touch and inappropriate touch will help to protect them. Safeguarding can be taught using resources such as the NSPCC Pants (which does not show nor name the sexual organs but teaching about safeguarding).

The teaching of these names IS NOT AGE APPROPRIATE.
LBTH and Schools have gone further to confuse parents by stating that naming the sexual body parts is required as part of the National Curriculum for Science. However, if you look at the Science Curriculum (see link below and image) it is not part of it neither. Children will naturally learn some of these names when they learn about Puberty, which is later on in their Primary life (Year 5/6 = Key Stage 2).

Parents are being treated poorly in this process and the Local Authority and some Teachers are playing on parents’ ignorance to bulldoze through a very concerning RSE Policy.

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HI – So the teaching of naming the sexual body parts is part of the Puberty topic of the National curriculum in England: science programmes of study.

” schools have the flexibility to introduce content earlier or later than set out in the programme of study”

So the above argument is what the schools will use.

Is the teaching of naming sexual body parts is it statutory or non-statutory part of the National Science Curriculum ?.

The problem is we are partly to blame too. Most parents are asleep or don’t care. They will care when their child comes home and says I learnt this or that and I don’t want to be a girl or boy etc. But by then it will be too late. Schools know parents won’t bother or forget or some parents for whatever reason feel scared to call out for their rights and what to say. So school is using our ignorance to their advantage. I’m sorry to say but this is a general message and not directed at anyone. Wake up parents!

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