Following LBTH RSE Guidance is not legally required

Numerous parents have been raising concerns about RSE in Primary Schools. The key areas of concern are around the guidance given by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to Schools which strongly recommends non-statutory elements of RSE to be statutory.

Primary Schools must follow the DfE guidance that is Law! Schools are not required to follow the London Borough of Tower Hamlets guidance.

The non-statutory areas that the London Borough of Tower Hamlets are pushing schools to make statutory are the following:

1. Teach about LGBT under different families from Year 1 – Teaching LGBT in Primary Schools is not statutory

2. Teach children in year 1 the names of the sexual body parts (vagina, penis, vulva, anus, nipple, breasts) – This is not statutory in RSE nor Science Curriculum

3. Teach puberty to children aged 8 (year 4). – DfE guidance only states it should be taught in a timely manner, therefore Year 5/6 is more appropriate.

Schools have to consult parents before finalising any policy or curriculum that is the law. Concerned parents should be raising this with your headteachers in writing and get involved and engaged in the consultation process. The consultation process must be meaningful and take into consideration the views and concerns raised by parents.

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